cardapio graphic design

A4 Menu designed for a company that organises yoga retreats in Brazil

ruta de la tapa graphic design

Design of promotional items

melos actief graphic design

Visual identity for a Therapeutic Recreation for Autistic Children’s company

man of the monkey graphic design

Poster design for a documentary filmed in Brazil

what do you want video

Music video for Gotye

light streaking animation video

Experimental video

las máquinas de leonardo graphic design

A2 poster for the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum in Valencia

ampillow product design

Pillow case for long distance relationships

moná product design

Original design for a baseball cap with a very spanish touch

so…tón product design

Laptop base for a healthy posture while working with your laptop

1/285.714 product design

Conciousness project about waste material in the Valencian Furniture Fair HABITAT’08

dekko product design

Fun tableware, kitchenware and bath accessories

caragola product design

Fun game for kids

typo-pong graphic design

T-shirt design: Times New Roman vs. Helvetica

monmenut graphic design

Logo design and stationery for a children shop in Valencia

tsd graphic design

Double page for the magazine “Todos Somos Diseñadores”

relight the night graphic design

A1 Poster for a night event in Holland

looie product design

An utensil to make your ideas blossom

plaerdemavida graphic design

Logo design for a lingerie shop in Valencia

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