moná product design

2008, Product design, ES

1964, Rocafort, Spain
At that time my mother was a participant in a religious parade from her village in the region of Valencia. This was an important and well respected event attended by all generations the old and the young. Today there has been less interest from the younger generations and a portion of our national heritage and identity is being lost in the form of traditional costumes and dress.
In an effort to help preserve the past it is important


that we re-introduce elements of these garments into contemporary clothing.
Moná is result of this hybrid it is a combination of a baseball cap and a spanish Peineta. The Peineta is an elaborate ornamental comb with an exquisite design and this time, has been printed on the under belly of the cap’s brim. The cap can be turned around the head and simulate the effect of a real Peineta.