dekko product design

2005, Product design, Design tableware, kitchenware and bath accessories, ES

Project in collaboration with modern home furniture company Dekko and Polytechnic University from Valencia.
The objective of the brief was to design tableware, kitchenware and bath accessories revolving around these adjectives: fun, young, practical, trendy.

Toilet holder: An average person spends three years of their life in the bathroom and visit the toilet 2500 times a year. This toilet holder to make that precious time more fun!
Fish Containers: This school of piranhas are actually spice containers that are here to make your food more tasty.

Smiley toothpick container: The smiley toothpick container adds a funny touch and atmosphere to even the most boring dining table.
Measurement towel: This is why we have fashioned a measuring tape to the common everyday bath towel: a way to measure ones self.
Shower curtain: You can always look nice with this shower curtain with customized pictures printed on it.