1/285.714 product design

2008, Exper­i­men­tal design, ES

Disechos’08 was a three day work­shop about design and cre­ative reuse, using as a stage the Inter­na­tional Fur­ni­ture Fair of Valen­cia dur­ing and after the cel­e­bra­tion of the fur­ni­ture exhi­bi­tion HABITAT’08.
There was an abun­dance of car­pet waste pro­duced by the fair and our aim was to esti­mate the impact of that car­pet and its effects. We then com­pared the waste mate­r­ial to every­day objects.

In this case, we thought that a door­mat would be an effec­tive and smart solu­tion. After a bit of research and access to real data and some cal­cu­la­tions… This was our con­clu­sion: If we raised this spe­cific prob­lem to the exhi­bi­tion HABITAT’08, we could have pro­duced enough door­mats to give one to every house in Valencia.