2007, Graphic design, ES

The Oceanogràfic of the City of Arts and Sciences is the largest aquarium in Europe. This notebook (15x15cm) was designed as a part of the aquariums merchandise collection located in their store front.



2006, Product design, NL

How many times have we all promised ourselves specific goals we have wanted to achieve but some how always get lost. Things like: I want to learn languages, read more novels, discover places in my own country, quit smoking… It is generally good practice to write things down and when the time passes look back in reflection to see if you have achieved those goals or not.Looie aims to fill this gap, it helps to store desires, goals, ideas.
It symbolizes a plant in bloom flowering with ideas, thoughts, intentions. If placed in a strategic location in your home it can help to keep your life organized and on track. Of course besides being a wonderful addition to your home decor. 


so, do you come here often?

2008, Graphic design competition, AU

Poster competition AGDA
(Association Graphics Designers Australia)
A1 poster design which I experimented with interesting shapes and materials and using a scanner only once.


relight the night

2009, Graphic design, NL

Ciccionina is a dancing club located in Delft. A1 Poster designed for a night event called “Relight the night”.



2007, Graphic design, ES

Double page for the Graphic school magazine “Todos Somos Diseñadores”. With this design, I wanted to express that a graphic design is a job which involves many tasks and roles.



2006, Graphic design, ES

“Mon Menut” means “small world” and this is the name chosen for a children shop located in Valencia.
Logo design and stationery.



2007, Graphic design, ES

“Plaerdemavida” means “my life’s
pleasure”. Logo design and and stationery for the lingerie shop in Valencia.



2006, Graphic design competition, USA

Design of a T-shirt paying homage to the succesful 80´s video game “Pong”.
It represents the battle between two fonts: Times New Roman vs. Helvetica.



2005, Product design, ES

This Project was developed in colla­boration with UPV and the spanish Toy Research institute (AIJU) AIJU for the competition “play on wheels”.
It is a game of four participants each one is assigned one of four different colors (blue, red, yellow, green).
Each participant uses one handlebar attached to a wheel, four balls of the same color are located with in the interior of the wheel.
Instructions: Prepare an area big enough to allow enough distance between the balls and for kids to move around. The game starts when the balls are thrown on the floor at the same time.
Each participant needs to collect their assigned colored balls and place them back into their wheel. The winner will be the first who places their four balls back into the wheel. Ready for the next round!



2005, Product design, Design tableware, kitchenware and bath accessories, ES

Project in collaboration with modern home furniture company Dekko and UPV.
The objective of the brief was to design tableware, kitchenware and bath accessories revolving around these adjectives: fun, young, practical, trendy.                                     Toilet holder: An average person spends three years of their life in the bathroom and visit the toilet 2500 times a year. This toilet holder to make that precious time more fun!   Fish Containers: This school of piranhas are actually spice containers that are here to make your food more tasty.                                                                                                                Smiley toothpick container: The smiley toothpick container adds a funny touch and atmosphere to even the most boring dining table.                                                Measurement towel: This is why we have fashioned a measuring tape to the common everyday bath towel: a way to measure ones self.                                                                          Shower curtain: You can always look nice with this shower curtain with customized pictures printed on it.



2008, Experimental design, ES

Disechos’08 was a three day workshop about design and creative reuse, using as a stage the International Furniture Fair of Valencia during and after the celebration of the furniture exhibition HABITAT’08.
There was an abundance of carpet waste produced by the fair and our aim was to estimate the impact of that carpet and its effects. We then compared the waste material to everyday objects. In this case, we thought that a doormat would be an effective and smart solution.
After a bit of research and access to RAL data and some calculations…
our conclusion was this: If we raised this specific problem to the exhibition HABITAT’08, we could have produced enough doormats to give one to every house in Valencia.


soporte de cartón

2010, Product design, NL

One of the most common advices from the physiotherapists is to have proper sitting habits and a good chair and table which can be adjusted, right distances between eyes and monitor, right position of the neck, arms, legs… With this in mind, I’ve designed this laptop base in order to avoid incorrect postures.
The design of this base is composed of 45 layers of cardboard glued together to form a block. Two fans resessed into the top for ventilation and cooling of the laptop. Holes at the base of the stand connect the base to the backside which also helps to draw the air away from the computer. The base was engineered with the right ergonomic dimensions.



2008, Product design, ES

1964, Rocafort, Spain
At that time my mother was a participant in a religious parade from her village in the region of Valencia. This was an important and well respected event attended by all generations the old and the young. Today there has been less interest from the younger generations and a portion of our national heritage and identity is being lost in the form of traditional costumes and dress.
In an effort to help preserve the past it is important that we re-introduce elements of these garments into contemporary clothing.
Moná is result of this hybrid it is a combination of a baseball cap and a spanish Peineta. The Peineta is an elaborate ornamental comb with an exquisite design and this time, has been printed on the under belly of the cap’s brim. The cap can be turned around the head and simulate the effect of a real Peineta.



2008, Product design, ES

It is known that long distance relationships are extremely difficult. It’s easy to miss your partner in many situations and one of them is having him/her laying next to you in bed. Ampillow simulates the feeling of embracing someone while sleeping.
It consists of a printed body caricature of either a male or female in both sides of a pillowcase. The chosen size is 45×110 cm, suitable for an individual bed of 110 cm wide. The range of possibilities and customization for a specific pillow are endless. One can customize age, gender, race and even fashion style.


las máquinas de leonardo

2005, Graphic design, ES

The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is an innovative centre of interactive science in the city of Valencia. This poster A2 was designed to promote the exhibition “Las máquinas de Leonardo”, a selection of twelve devices designed by the italian renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci.


light streaking animation

2007, Video, AU

Experimental video based on the usage of lights in the dark. The movement was obtained thanks to the sequence of pictures taken with long light exposition.


what do you want

2007, Video, AU

Official music video for the song “What do you want” for the australian band called “Gotye”. The technique used is the combination of hand puppets.
Post-editing tools have being used to include some visual effects and coloring of the background.


the island experience

Menu for The Island Experience


melos actief