August 8th, 2011

Man of the Monkey designs

Since last month, I have been in Ilha Grande collaborating with the filming of Man of The Monkey. It’s being a beautiful and intense experience that is fulfilling me a lot!


One of my tasks is to provide visual advice for the successful promotion of the documentary and help with the generation of documents and media.

This includes some improvements in their website and the projects I’m going to briefly introduce:



We were in a too early stage to design the poster since the documentary hasn’t been finished yet. But this is a first draft of what it would look like.







PRESS KIT to be sent to a organizations and fundraising companies.




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August 8th, 2011

Photos: Rio fading out








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August 5th, 2011

Bye, bye long and old hair!


Today I woke up at 5am to do some paperwork and when I got to Bento’s place, my temporary home in Rio, I met Amanda, a very talented brazilian hairdresser.  All of a sudden I saw myself sitting down and getting rid of old hair. Then Bento Marzo from Tapioca & Filmes didn’t hesitate to take his camera and start shooting this beautiful stop motion video. I chose the song “Deixa isso pra lá” from Elza Soares, honouring the vibrant music of this amazing country.


August 5th, 2011

Photos Man of The Monkey

I’m am fully immersed in the filming of the documentary Man of The Monkey. We are a great crew formed by: David, Bob, Manu, Bento, Pais, Mariana, Tamara and me, so far. Things are going prety well. Lots of interesting interviews and discoveries thanks to the residents of Ilha Grande and the hard work of all the crew members. Lot of insight from the dark past of the island and its inhabitants. I am so grateful for living this experience! More to come. In the meantime, enjoy this photos taken by our crew member Bento Marzo.



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August 1st, 2011

Photos: gente e situações







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