October 26th, 2011

My first storybook

DDW is a wonderful moment to get some inspiration and enjoy the wide variety of workshops offered. I luckily had the chance to attend one of the Etsy Labs called “Make your story” during my quick visit to Eindhoven.

It consisted in a 4 hour workshop with the aim of  creating your personal story from beginning till end. People could choose between bookbinding and then painting or the other way around. I chose painting and selecting my content first which will allow me to have a more contrasted and spontaneous result. The material used where all types of paper, magazines, markers, colour pencils, watercolours… Then, thanks to some instructions and Caro’s patiente, I learnt how to bookbind it. I chose the japanese binding: basic (A book) and kangxi (orange book). It had been a while since last time I was so concentrated handcrafting.

And I was not the only one loving it, all the participants were so excited. Thanks Etsy for helping me to discover one of my new passions!






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