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December 2nd, 2011


“We hardly know what life is, how can we hope to understand death?” Confucius

Every day approximately 155,000 people die worldwide. Death is unavoidable, an inevitable part of life. Whether it’s our own or the death of anyone around us. What role does the inevitable death play in our lives? And do we need new rituals?



I recently visited this exhibition called Dood en Leeft (Death Matters) in the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam. The aim is to shown how different people deal with death worldwide. You can emulate stories and experiences. Decide for yourself how you want to say farewell or how you want to grieve and remember.

I highly recommend this exhibition because it broaden my perception of what is the meaning of death in different cultures and religions. Depending on your beliefs  and the side of the world you were born, your soul will be taken by god, your body will be exposed for days until burial or socially accepted or will be eaten by vultures… I’m still shocked from some images and videos I saw. For those who won’t be able to visit it I took some pictures of what impressed me the most from the visual point of view.



Coffin of an unknown person apparently related to Ghana Airways.




These days the laying-out and funeral are announced in the city in posters, sometimes even on billboards. On the actual day, some families distribute T-shirts or other objects showing a portrait of the deceased, to wear and keep as a tangible memento of the person.





Apparently chinese people give simbolic offerings to their deceased ones made out of paper such as: money, clothes, shoes, electronic appliances, iphones.






November 20th, 2011

20N – Lotus Flower

Here I am a foggy afternoon in Amsterdam, not knowing if my vote for the Spanish General Elections has reached its destination. Meanwhile, I make some origami shapes with the ballots left (almost all of them).

The lotus flower symbolizes purity of heart and mind and represents long life, humility, honor and peace. Something non-existent that should be present in such a crucial political day where the future of the country is being chosen.



May 16th, 2011

Kimberly Johnson – Saudades da India


Finally the cds arrived! Kimberly and I have been working on the design of the cd cover of her first Mantra cd Saudades da India (missing India) and this is the result.

If you want to listen to her beautiful voice click here






May 8th, 2011

The Island Experience

A few days ago I received a confirmation that I had been invited to work for The Island Experience. I couldn’t believe it! This is one of my dreams: work as a designer in a paradise island.

The Island Experience consists on a 7 day program of spa, yoga, fitness and detox food in a magic iplace, Ilha Grande. This island is protected and has no cars or roads, the only way to move around is by foot, boat, kayaking or swimming.

My task: help them in the process of brainstorming and working on their communication, branding and marketing initiatives. And join them on the different activities (yoga, hiking, kayaking, healthy meals, etc). More information coming soon.

These are some pictures of the place: