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March 4th, 2014

The Happy NOT Story



The shortest story I’ve ever read. Restaurants can be boring for kids and more when your parents are chatting about adults stuff with their friends. But this 5 year old little girl shows us that there’s no limit to creativity. A napkin, a pen and imagination! She’s a genius, even if the ending of the story was kind of tragic.

February 18th, 2014

Des élèves conteurs / storytellers






Yes! That’s me speaking french. I promise, I can do better than this, but I was nervous of being interviewed. The fact is that I love interacting with children and I have the privilege to access to them through a volunteer program offered by my french school, the Commission Scolaire de Montréal. This program consists in short visits to Kindergartens of children whose mother tongue is French. After 8 months invested in learning this language, I can say that this is a great way of practicing it and entertain the little ones at the same time. My first story was “Qui a vu mon petit pot?”. It talks about the story of the poor Suzon Zon that had to do something really important in that moment and some funny friend takes her potty. Amazing to see the faces of children between 2-4 years old while I was trying to explain the story. Undoubtedly an experience I want to repeat.

I want to thank Jean Jean for this video. He’s working on a documentary that talks about this initiative. The premier will take place next june, stay tunned!