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October 26th, 2011



October 26th, 2011

My first storybook

DDW is a wonderful moment to get some inspiration and enjoy the wide variety of workshops offered. I luckily had the chance to attend one of the Etsy Labs called “Make your story” during my quick visit to Eindhoven.

It consisted in a 4 hour workshop with the aim of  creating your personal story from beginning till end. People could choose between bookbinding and then painting or the other way around. I chose painting and selecting my content first which will allow me to have a more contrasted and spontaneous result. The material used where all types of paper, magazines, markers, colour pencils, watercolours… Then, thanks to some instructions and Caro’s patiente, I learnt how to bookbind it. I chose the japanese binding: basic (A book) and kangxi (orange book). It had been a while since last time I was so concentrated handcrafting.

And I was not the only one loving it, all the participants were so excited. Thanks Etsy for helping me to discover one of my new passions!






October 26th, 2011

Dutch Design Week 2011

As every autumn, the Dutch Design Week has become a tradition for many design disciplines. It is one of the most important design events in Europe where to find very interesting proposals and trends in industrial design, architecture, graphic design to textiles, sustainable design and design management. It’s a great combination of design studios and companies well stablished in the dutch market together with more experimental studios, ateliers and young designers. Besides exhibitions, there is a number of lectures, workshops and seminars.


One of my favourite exhibitions is the showroom of graduated students from the Design Academy Eindhoven, one of the most influential design schools in the world. Innovative and original ideas from young students are shown, always with a good quality in the presentation and seriousness.

These are some of the pictures it took during my visit to the DDW. I always enjoy social and consciousness design and new usability proposals.









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