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July 23rd, 2011

Kirigami – Japanese Festival Ilha Grande


These days we are pretty busy with the footage of Man of the Monkey. Things are going better than we could imagine. As a daily routine, today we took a boat and travel to Bananal, another small village in the north of the island to get some nice shots from the Japanese Festival. First time I heard of it I got really surprised! Apparently a large group of japanese immigrants came to Brazil at the beginning of the 20th century, we were told that is the biggest japanese community in the world after Japan! Japanese Brazilians… Very interesting combination!

During this festival lots of events are held: traditional concerts, teather performances, workshops, rituals, food…

I joined 3D Kirigami workshop offered by Atelier Naomi Uezu. A very fun time shared with 6 other people with no experience in handcrafting. This is the result of it:



A card made out of paper and with the cutted shape of a turtle. The turtle, which in Japanese is “KAME” symbolizes longevity, balance and stability for the firm legs that has, holding its shell.


Scissors, pen, pencil, cutter, eraser, ruler, pen ink (to fold), white glue, 2 colored paper 120gr plus.


July 19th, 2011

Man of the Monkey

Something exceptional happened yesterday. I was about to leave the island but I had a strong feeling that I had to stay longer just a few hours before I had to take my boat. And that’s what I did.

I had spent the last couple of  days in Vila do Abraão, the “urban” area of the city with no cars. It’s a pretty touristic area even now that it’s winter. I tried to avoid backpackers and touristic hostels and I ended up in Mariana’s house. A place where you’d definitely won’t feel a tourist because it’s not a hostel. Mariana is a filmaker and Ilha Grande resident who lives in a beautiful old fazenda (factory) and sometimes has available rooms for guests. You won’t find it in the Lonely Planet. It seemed to be a perfect place to relax, read a book after spending the day in the beach. Tamara and Fabiano were also living there, all of a sudden I saw myself cooking and talking like if we were housemates. It was a great feeling after all this months of touring around.


Patio at Mariana’s house


That afternoon I saw a group of 4 guys with filming equipment in the garden, they were supposed to stay in the house because they were working on a documentary about the island… interesting.

After some time I had the chance to talk to them and they were different countries: USA, Argentina and Brazil. Then is when I figured out that documentary is a north american production and is called Man of the Monkey.

Surprisingly, they are looking for a graphic designer and I’ve been offered to collaborate with the poster and more visual material. Wow, it sounds very exciting! Many of my passions together: fiming, travelling, graphic design, paradise island.

My recommendation… Trust your strong feelings!


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July 10th, 2011

Projects The Island Experience


It has been 2 months since I came to Ilha Grande to work with The Island Experience team. Sometimes, while I am working behind my computer with internet, skype, facebook, I need to stop and remind myself where I am.

I am in Brazil, in an island where I do yoga everyday, I eat healthy food, I kayak, hike, meet new people every week. I know I am a very lucky person and I want to thank The Island Experience Team: Martin, Dri, Paola, Sarah and Jero for the oportunity they gave me to experience this paradise. I wish you good luck with next projects, Costa Rica program and all the adventures to come. See you soon in the island!


After having said this, I’d like to show you what we did together in TIEX.

Besides supporting the team in the production of all kind of documents and templates for the offered programs like Ilha Grande, Patagonia and Costa Rica, we worked in the following projects:



TIEX is expanding: new programs in Patagonia and Costa Rica, lots of new information to share with previous and new guests, new staff and activities.

Consequently, we were aware that the current site wasn’t really representing what we are and what we do now. Check here the current website:

So the topic was on the table: a new concept for the site was needed. The visual image, in this case the logo, was previously designed so I had to respect the visual rules.

After an intense study and research we came up with this concept explained in the following sketches and mock-ups:


The new website is being built in this moment and will be shortly implemented.


FOOD AND DRINKS MENU. The lodge where we are located is sometimes opened for public during the sumer and national holidays. Then a menu is needed to show the variety of food available during those days.

The sources in the island are limited so we wanted to have a format which we could print with our printers if it was needed. Therefore this A4 format and always trying to be enviromental friendly using recycling paper.





The lodge has a relaxing area with a sauna and a hot tub. It is the perfect way to finish an intense day of physical activities. We designed this signs with some instructions for the optimal Spa Experience.



At the end of the program, our nutricionist Adriana shares her secrets with the guests. We designed this pdf document with the amount of recipies cooked in that week. The fact of including 1 recipe per card allows her to include or exchange recipes at any time.



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